The Yancy Group, Incorporated
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Manufacturing - Weapons, Renewable Energy Components, Portable Metal Containers, Pneumatic Suppression, Injection Molding & DataCenter Computer Components
Our trade name for manufacturing is American Tejas Manufacturing.

The primary focus of the company moving forward is manufacturing. We have several areas of specialty.

Weapons: In 2013, the company was licensed as a Federal Firearms Manufacturer under Class 7 License 5-75-251--07-6G-08500 for the pursuit of specialty accessories and weapons that will cater to the Law Enforcement community. Our trade name is American Tejas Manufacturing.

Our products are coming out of the research & development stage and we are pursuing patents on these products. Our first product will be a law enforcement grade, Omni-directional, suppressor that will be available for handguns and rifles.

Renewable Energy Components: As a licensed arm for Windstrument, Inc., we can produce their solar and wind equipment.

Portable Metal Containers: This are directed for datacenter environments.

Pneumatic Tool Sound Suppressors: We will be introducing a pneumatic tool suppressor by the summer of 2018. This device will greatly reduce the decibel of these tools while remaining extremely affordable.

Injection Molding: We will be one of the first to offer a new process of injection molding developed by the Windstrument team. No date for product yet.

Computer Components: Specific parts and systems designed to work in datacenter environments.

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